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Our passion is to teach mindfulness and self-compassion practices to ignite well-being personally and professionally. We believe taking time out for yourself should be a daily ritual. Our mission is to provide the most effective educational programs firmly grounded in human connection, common humanity and integrity.  We want to work with individuals interested in learning about mindfulness. Also work with with companies that want to invest in their staff so they flourish both professionally and personally. In doing so, they recognize that this will help staff be calmer, more engaged and more productive. We keep our clients centered, in the moment and aware of each breath.


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Navigate your stressful life with ease. Adopt habits to maintain your balance, increase your resilience and restore your vitality. Learn to treat yourself with the same loving compassion you would a dear friend. 


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Learn about Mindfulness, Self Compassion and Well-Being programs presented by specifically trained professionals that can transform your life.


One thing that really helped me a lot is Wendy’s skill in encouraging involvement and making it feel safe to share. That made it possible for me to dive deep into my thoughts and emotions without the reservations  I would normally feel. Her insightful questions and comments enabled me to begin to move away from my pattern of harsh internal judgements, and the practices shared have put me on the path of learning to accept and love myself more.  - PP


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" In the end, just three things matter: How well we have lived. How well we have loved. How well we have learned to let go " ~ Jack Kornfield

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